Concrete Cleaner, Tar and Asphalt Remover

Historically, the most effective asphalt removers and concrete cleaners on the market were either flammable solvents, or very corrosive acid blends. A-ONE continues to focus on formulating economical alternatives that are more user-friendly, environmentally safe, and just as effective as the hazardous chemicals. The products listed below are recommended not only for removing asphalt and concrete, but also for cleaning stains on asphalt and concrete surfaces.


This concrete remover is a non-corrosive, paint-friendly, biodegradable alternative to the more harsh acid solutions on the market. Dyna-Crush does not contain muriatic, hydrofluoric, or sulfuric acids. Dyna-Crush is popularly used by redi-mix companies and oilfield cement pumping service companies for exterior washing.It is also very effective for cleaning walls and floors of wash pad areas, where oil stains accumulate.

Concrete Cleaner


This non-hazardous solution is a safe and economical alternative to many asphalt removers on the market. With a flash point over 200F, applying in confined spaces is much safer than using flammable "cutter solvents". Enviro-Solv is also more economical than the popular citrus blends. Enviro-Solv is a very effective presolve for cleaning #6 oil, asphalt, oil-based drilling muds, and any other heavy tar-like hydrocarbon. It also works very well at removing stains from asphalt surfaces.

Tar and Asphalt Remover


This citrus solvent degreaser is very effective at cutting greases, oils, and asphalts. The main active ingredient is derived from orange peels, giving Citra Clean biodegradability and a pleasant citrus odor.


The best tank cleaning liquid detergent on the market today. This non caustic detergent can be used as a cold water degreaser, floor cleaner, and parts cleaner. Also very effective for cleaning walls and floors of wash pad areas, where oil stains accumulate.


Fleet Kleen is our newest heavy duty exterior wash product. It is safe on paint and glass, and will leave polished aluminum surfaces with a nice shiny finish. When paired with our Dyna-Crush Concrete Remover, trucks and equipment will be easier than ever to clean.